Monday, 10 May 2010

Akiru Minerals

This is a project I've been working on for my dad, he's setting up a prospecting company in Kenya called Akiru Minerals. Akiru means hope, rain or blessing in the local language.

Above: initial ideas looking at rain, water and the idea of molecular structures in a corporate style.

Below: I also sent these ideas, looking more towards the local, tribal ideas.

The feedback from these ideas was that they liked the second set of ideas, but rather than the outline of lake Takana they wanted a map of Kenya and the colours taken from the flag including the image of a hammer.

Above: the idea they liked

Below: the ideas I've most recently sent. we will see if they like the turn back towards the corporate look.

Working for family is a learning curve and a half, its difficult to guide a client when you know they like something that isn't the best idea. I'm hoping to find a compromise that works for them and is a good basis for a larger identity project I can work on.

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