Thursday, 5 November 2009


Since finishing at the university I've been weighing up my options. I thought about going back to bar work (its not quite off the cards yet) but decided to give myself a couple of weeks off before I decided anything for sure. During that time I've managed to get a fairly big client with regular work coming my way... not the most exciting stuff in the world it has to be said.

I'm designing DVD case templates for an online company who have some pretty big contracts with RFU (Rugby people) and Channel 4. Here are the first two designs I've done, like I say nothing hugely exciting but its work and what they want. The idea is that they are able to change the images and titles within a collection without having to do much extra work.

The images aren't finalised, the company need to source some better quality images.

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  1. Nice one Holly, keep that job tied down for a while.
    How did you find out about this??