Sunday, 19 July 2009

Muchuu Party: Coincidences and fun

I got an email last week from a band manager, John Mostyn, asking me if I wanted to be involved in the graphics for a new duo he was launching.

Coincidence number one: I had already heard the band, they are called Muchuu and do electro poppy stuff and were having a party in Malvern (where my mum lives).

Coincidence number two: I was at the pub with a couple of the tutors from uni and mentioned John had invited me to the party on Friday. They both went mad because one of them was going They had also taken the music to Hong Kong to get the students out there to work on the graphics.

Coincidence number three: when we arrived at the Custard Factory to get the minibus we bumped into another graduate from my year who was there to do the photography.

I'm still waiting for someone to jump out and yell "Gotcha".

The party itself was amazing, really lovely old building done out and fit Muchuu down to the ground. The audience was a mix of friends and family of the band, and people involved in the management. Here's a few pics I got before my camera died on me.

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